If you are thinking to travel Pink City. If the upcoming visit is your maiden visit to Jaipur then this article is going to help a lot. Amber fort is the most attractive part of Jaipur.

Amber Fort

The Fort built by Raja Man Singh, is situated in the lap of Aravali mountain range approximately 20 km from Jaipur Railway Junction and 30 km from Jaipur International Airport. Greenery in mountains gives the feel of an evergreen forest in rainy season. The Fort painted in yellow seems to be plated with gold in the greenery. When you pass through the valley it seems that you are in heaven. This makes Amber one of the most beautiful fort. There is water resort at the foot of Fort which adds a feather to the beauty of the Amber Fort. The garden at the entrance makes you relaxed from the traveling anxiety or tiredness.

Amber Fort: A Beautiful Architecture

Historically also this fort is important as it has provided a roof for many historical events. The architecture of the forts is wonderful and so arranged that everything looks perfect. Each block was built for a specific purpose and was perfectly managed. And till now the whole fort seems as newly built. The architectural design of the fort was designed in the way that the navigation was very easy even in emergency situations.

There are two more forts joining the Amber fort one is Jaigarh and the other is Nahargarh. Both of these are situated on the hilltop adjoining to the Amber Fort. Jaigarh is situated just above the Amber and the Nahargarh is 2 Km apart from the Jaigarh fort at the end of the same hill.

The largest canon is there in Jaigarh which attracts the attention of every person visiting the fort. Jaigarh has an old canon factory of that time to manufacture the canons for the army of Jaipur. Now there are only the instruments placed as the monuments of history to understand the high standard ammunition industry.

Katputli dance demonstrated at the Jaigarh Fort is one of the best attractions. The kitchen of the king and the utensils a used at that time by the king and queen also draw the attention of the visitors. They show the lifestyle of the king, the queen and other members of the administration.


How to reach

Amber fort is 20 kilometer from Jaipur railway station and 30 kilometers from Jaipur International Airport. City buses are available from Airport directly, AC-1 city low floor bus of JDRTC is there from the Jaipur International  Airport and from the railway station, you have to first move to Ajmeri gate and from there direct buses are available to the destination. Taxis are also available from all the parts of cities.  Nowadays most popular cabs ola and uber are also there, where you can book online your rides and also cannot get cheated while paying fares as everything is transparent during the whole ride.

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