Torch lighters are the assistants that assist you whenever you need to ignite a cigar, candles as well as you need to light your gas stove. The torch lighters use butane which ignites and lighten up to light other items. In market several torch lighters are available. Many online stores provide you a number of torch lighters; you have to choose best among that.  Here the top used torch lighters are collected for you to review and choose the best one for you, which assist you to choose the best for you.

Rank#10: Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Beam Torch Lighters

This is a rechargeable torch lighter available in a pack of two torch lighters. This stylish torch lighter ignites the substance with the wire igniter with no flame. What you have to do is to just touch the cigarette or candle with the igniter and it lightens up in seconds. The most important is that this torch lighter does not contain any butane in it, so it is totally pollution free and hundred present safe to use.


  • The charging facility provides it long lasting life.
  • Windproof enables to use it in even strong winds.
  • This torch lighter is approved by airport authorities.

Best Price: $19.95

Rank#9: Elephant XuJet Torch Butane Gas  Torch Lighters

This special torch lighter with safe handle make it safe for use, even children can use it easily. It uses butane as fuel to lighten up the things. The adjustable flame helps you in making use of it in every aspect of the adjusted output. This can also be used in toasting the bread and making the tea pan hot. The high temperature of the flame makes it usable as a welding and cutting tool up to 100mm thickness metal foil.


  • It can be refilled.
  • The lightweight feature makes it usable for long time period.
  • High-temperature flame enables it in cutting thick metal sheets up to 100mm.

Best Price: $16.95

Rank#8: Mantello Ultimate Multi-Purpose Torch Lighters

The Mantello Ultimate Multi-Purpose torch lighter is best used for Culinary, Creme Brulee, Soldering, Brazing, Plumbing, and Automotive & Truck Repairs. The high-temperature flame about 2500 degree F which last up to continuous 30 minute burning time. This longtime burning capacity makes it usable in cutting even thicker metal sheets.


  • It has more continuous burning time.
  • The classic design gives it better look.
  • It has precision flame control.
  • The portable butane canister makes it easy to carry with, without fear of getting ignited.

Best price: $14.99

Rank#7 Jet Flame Torch Lighter

The Jet Flame Torch Lighter is most liked torch lighter by the smokers. As the product consists of four similar Jet Flame Torch Lighters. The four packs last for a long time.


  • The torch lighter is refillable.
  • The flame of the torch lighter is adjustable.

Best price: $10.85


Rank#6 Slide Switch Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Lighter

The Slide Switch Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch lighter is specially designed with a triple switch with extra using features. The modular design of the torch lighter make is multi-usable. This one is the torch lighter to be used in your daily life having more functionality, elegant and efficient design.


  • The modular design gives it attractive look with more working efficiency.
  • The touch lighter has adjustable flame feature.
  • The torch lighter has robust internal and external design parameters to ensure long-lasting usability.

Best price: $ 12.99


Rank#5 Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable torch lighter

The Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable torch lighter has the unique feature of creating the plasma waves which are hotter than the flames. This makes the ignition more easy and rapid. This unique feature is redesigned and re-engineered several times to make the Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable torch lighter, more compatible to use with almost all the things that need ignition before their use.


  • The plasma technology used in torch lighter makes it produce high temperature than the butane torch lighter.
  • The torch lighter is butane free. The butane harms humans in several ways. The plasma technology used instead of butane and other chemicals make it safe to use for us.
  • The windproof technology makes it enables to use it outside, even in strong winds.
  • It can be used in any weather conditions whether it is raining or shining brighter.

Best Price: $16.95

Rank#4: Scorch Torch Aficionado Easy Slide Switch Jet Flame Butane Torch Lighter

The Scorch Torch Aficionado Easy Slide Switch Jet Flame Butane Torch lighter available at the Amazon online store is one among the best torch lighters using butane as fuel to lighten up. The adjustable flame makes it usable in every easy and hard situation.


  • The ease of usability make is used in all weather conditions.
  • The slide switch makes it easy to use and help it to ignite quickly.
  • The adjustable butane flame can be used for different functions like lightening cigarettes, gas stoves, cutting, and welding.

Best Price: $12.99


Rank#3: Scorch Torch Tactical Ergonomic Angle Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter

The Scorch Torch Tactical Ergonomic Angle Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter is one of the best torch lighters used in lightening up the candles, gas stove and other flammable things which require ignition before use. The torch lighter is compatible and easy to use in every perspective. The adjustable flame option makes conservative in use.


  • The easily refillable butane used in the torch lighter is very easy to use.
  • It is easy-to-use piezoelectric ignition and convenient perks for cigar aficionados where applicable.
  • The automatic open safety cap is used to keep the torch lighter safe from leaking and other harms.

Best price: $11.99



Rank#2: JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch

The JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch Lighter is most used products among the torch lighters available on Amazon. The engineered design of the lighter makes it safe for use. The better adjustable flame option helps in regulating the flame according to ease of use or requirement.


  • This torch lighter can be used in the kitchen for the things around you and allows you to prepare the best Crème Brûlée of your life.
  • The JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch Lighter made from high-quality materials and bearing a locking mechanism which assures you that cooking can be made very easy to use.

Best Price: $22.99


Rank#1: Prestige Import Group Typhoon Triple Flame Torch Lighter with Punch Cutter

The Prestige Import Group Typhoon Triple Flame Torch Lighter with Punch Cutter is the most sold torch lighter. The good-looking design with ease of handling makes it more suitable for the user to use it safely and can carry this with them easily. The triple flame formula makes it more efficient to use and the flip top protective lid keep it safe.


  • The safer design helps you in carrying the torch lighter in your pocket.
  • The lower price of the torch cutter makes it more attractive to the users.
  • The built-in punch cutter helps in cutting the cigar tops, need not keep the separate cutter with you.

Best price: $10.95