Bitcoin is a new currency, transferring of which does not include a third party. Transferring of bitcoin does not need a bank or any other account. The only thing you need is a working internet connection and a computer to transfer the currency. Actually, bitcoin is a virtual currency in the form of points on a software.

Bitcoin was developed by an anonymous programmer, but the name Santokshi Nakamoto can be used as its developer, as this was the name used by the anonymous developers. Also, Bitcoin is an open source platform so anyone can use it without paying for it. Bitcoins are accepted as a virtual currency and is being used broadly by the vendors.

Converting Bitcoin

Bitcoins are also interchanged for other currencies, selling and buying of bitcoins are done for other legal currencies. The virtual currency might be traded on Forex forms in following years. Some countries basically China accepted bitcoin as a legal currency for trade.

Bitcoins are having a smaller unit of account, Santoshi is smallest among them as it represents one hundred millionth part of a bitcoin, millibitcoin as one-thousandth part of a bitcoin and microbitcoin as one-millionth part of a bitcoin. This allows the trader to use more liquidized currency.


As bitcoin transaction is done online only so this is producing worth job for online workers to handle the transaction of the cryptocurrency and the digital payment systems are to be handled by skilled workers, so are bitjobs produced. Bitjob offers short-term jobs basically for students who can earn while learning. Bitjob utilizes student talent and reward payment for it. The reward is in form of Student Coins.

The statics obtained through different survey show how this virtual currency is spreading and there is a great opportunity to develop careers in bitjobs. In future bitjobs may be highest paid jobs for an employee.