Fishing with your Kids

Fishing is a good entertaining and productive activity which you can try on the weekends. With your kids, Fishing is more interesting as the kids love the adventurous exercise. Kids can learn a lot from fishing. They grow patience as it is needed while fishing. While catching the fish with the help of a fishing stick and the rope, you have to keep yourself calm and concentrated, your kids can grow concentration as well as the patience. So fishing with kids is going to be more interesting and funny with learning as well. Here are some tips for taking your kids fishing.

But while taking your kids for fishing you have to take care of the security of your kids. Here are the few tips for taking your kids for fishing with you.

Tips for taking your kids fishing

Before taking your kids for fishing with you on this weekend you have to take care of the few things that might help you in enjoying your trip. Kids need special care on the trips so the pre-arrangements help you enjoy the weekends.

Make pre-arrangements for your kids

You have to make a list of items needed before its get late. While moving for fishing you need to keep all the items needed, so as in the case of kids. So making a list of items needed for your kids helps you in better caring about them. The pre-arrangements include

  • Making lists of items needed for your kids such as clothes, water bottles, sanitary items including tissue papers, toothbrush, baby soaps, napkins, etc.
  • Make arrangements of snacks for kids to nourish them while traveling. The long journey might cause a deficiency of nutrients in our kids, so it is advised to place some nutrient oriented foodstuff such as dry fruits, or any other eatables that do not get spoiled while traveling.
  • Make your trip pre-planned so that you do not make haste at the last moment. Making haste last moment keeps you busy and you do not get sufficient time to care about the needs of your kids and this haste going to be trouble generating during the whole trip.

Take proper care of your kids when they are nearby water

Now when you reached at the fishing point with all the items needed for taking care of your kids, you have to take more care of them. You need to keep them away from the water bodies and make sure that they do not play away from you. Here are a few tips for taking kids for fishing.

  • Make sure that your kids roam nearby you only. They should not be allowed to move far from you and move closer to the water bodies. Not paying proper attention to your kids might invite trouble for you while fishing.
  • When you are busy in catching the fishes make sure that one of you must be nearby your kids. This makes feel you comfortable while fishing and this also enables you to enjoy well on your weekend.
  • You may take care of your kids alternately. This helps you as well as your kids while fishing.
  • If you allow your kids nearer to you then you are advised to hold them or make sure about their security. You may make them busy in playing small games nearby you which make them safe from the water and other difficulties.
  • Do not get more absorbed in fishing take care of feeding of your kids so that they do not get sick or feel exhausted.

Mount Faber is one among the higher places of Singapore, actually, it is a lower hilly region having a height approximately hundred meters. Mount Faber is a hot spot for tourists visiting Singapore. Though there are higher places in Singapore to visit, the better connectivity through road, as well as the ropeway, makes it suitable for tourist to visit the Mount Faber for having a better look of the increasing dense township in the central business district region.

The Telok Blangah Hill later named as Mount Faber after Captain Charles Edward Faber’s visit in Singapore in September 1844. The Captain of Madaras Engineers craved a road through the dense greenery and made a narrow way to the hilltop. Later the narrow road was redesigned and made in its present shape. At that time a signal station was established on the hilltop, but the station was transferred to Sentosa that was known as Pulau Blakang Mati at that time.

The British Government wants to convert the hill into a fort for the fear of revolt from the Indians residing there as the British Government thought that the Indian might get inspired from the mutiny happened in their native country and also break out revolt in Singapore. The work was started, but Mount Faber was never converted into a fort. Only space was made for the defense equipment mainly canons, but that was also stopped in between. Later an observatory was established in 1905.

The Mount Faber is not that much higher, but the availability of the way to top craved on it make it easy to reach the top of the hill. Also, the vegetation around the Mount Faber attracts the tourists to visit the place frequently.

How to reach Mount Faber?

The Hill is connected by both the road and the cable car. You can choose the most suitable according to yours. From the harbor front station to the Mount Faber cable car takes about 10 min to reach. The cable car is available from HarbourFront Tower Two to the destination the Mount Faber.

Taxies are also available from almost every place in Singapore. You can also book a taxi online or can simply call the taxi booking contact number to get your taxi booked in advance. If you want to travel by your own car, then you have to drive on Mount Faber road and you can reach the destination. The free public car parking slots are available at the mount  Faber top.

The Faber Hill is in the form of a park as it has secondary evergreen vegetation. The park covers about a fifty-six-hectare area. The Faber park lightning is done twelve hours daily from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am.

The park is part of a part of Southern Ridges that is compromised of Hort Park, Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Labrador Nature Reserve.

If you are thinking to travel Singapore then Mount Faber is a wonderful destination as a picnic spot with a panoramic view of south Singapore. You can enjoy the lighting here in the night and the lighting of Singapore city seems to be twinkling stars.