How to Choose Lacrosse Cleats- Buying Guide

Lacrosse is an energetic game and you have to run a lot while playing lacrosse. For running comfortably while playing lacrosse you have to choose comfortable as well as light weight cleat shoes. As the demand of game, you need to run, so lacrosse cleat shoes help you in performing better. While choosing the shoes for lacrosse, you need to keep some aspects in your mind. So that the performance while playing lacrosse should be enhanced. Lacrosse cleats contain a typical, standard toe cleats in the front and beneath the toes, for gaining traction off the toe. So the question arises is How to Choose Lacrosse Cleats?

Things to be kept in mind buying lacrosse cleats (shoes for lacrosse) must include:

Weight of lacrosse cleats:

Lacrosse game needs fast running and typical moves. To run faster your lacrosse cleats should of low weight so that while playing lacrosse your moves become faster. Heavy lacrosse cleats need more energy while running, and energy is what needed while playing lacrosse. So it is suggested to a lacrosse player wear low weight lacrosse cleats. The energy saved can be utilized in enhancing your performance while playing lacrosse.

Material of lacrosse cleats:

The moves of the player while playing lacrosse are very typical. To maintain the strength and contact with the ground, lacrosse shoes should have good materialistic strength. Also, while running in lacrosse it happens that lacrosse cleats lose the grip and the player gets injured. To avoid such game turning points the material of lacrosse cleats should be strong enough to bear the strain and enhance the performance of lacrosse player.

Height of lacrosse cleats:

Height (height of lacrosse cleats is measured from heel to ankle) of lacrosse is necessary to ponder while choosing lacrosse cleats. The rapid change of directions to either end of the field, necessitating ankle stability for such direction change. Ankle stability can be ensured by the height of lacrosse cleats. Also, this depends on your position in a lacrosse game. Lacrosse cleats are available in three different heights.

  • Low-cut lacrosse cleats, lacrosse players looking for maximum flexibility and the lightest weights possible. Then they should go for Low-cut lacrosse cleats. They offer little to no ankle support. Lacrosse players whose games rely on quick cuts and high speed often choose this style.
  • High-cut lacrosse cleats are perfect for players who prefer or require additional ankle support. These lacrosse cleats seem like boots with an upper that extends up past the ankle bone and maximizes ankle support. High-cut lacrosse cleats are suitable for lacrosse players who take typical moves while running.
  • Mid-cut lacrosse cleats are a versatile hybrid offering more flexibility than high-cut lacrosse cleats and more support than low-cut styles. Mid-cut lacrosse cleats are often chosen by players who want the best of both worlds.

Ensure your lacrosse cleats are fit to your legs:

This is the most crucial part to take care that the lacrosse cleats you are choosing should be better fitted to your legs. Lacrosse player has to perform quick actions in the lacrosse game. These motions include stopping and starting, and quick changes of direction as the game of play can rapidly change directions to either end of the field. So the lacrosse cleats should be comfortable to run.