National Football League

Popularly known as NFL is football fever played with thirty-two teams in the USA. The teams from the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference equally contribute in the NFL. The NFL is one of the highest level professional tournaments of football played.

The game was pioneered in early twentieth century. And till date, it organized and played with the same energy. Each National Football Conference as well as American Football Conference contributes to the tournament four teams from each direction. The total becomes thirty-two.

Firstly, in NFL pre-season is there in which each team plays four matches, including two matches their respective home ground and the pre-season is well-known as Hall of Fame Game. Since the pre-season doesn’t contribute in the point table so it is played as an experiment only.

Seasons of National Football League

The main season of NFL which begins generally from first Monday of September and lasts up to seventeen weeks till a week after Christmas and a total of two fifty-six games are played. The excitation increases as the League moves on. These games are played having a safe day on weekends, and, are played on Sunday and Monday evening.

This typical timetable is set due to college matches on Fridays and Saturdays. Sometimes a change in schedule occurs due to clashes but usually, the schedule remains same. Similar to pre-season each team plays four matches two at home ground and other two outside.

The matches are scheduled according to a common pattern according to which all teams in a single group consisting of four teams, as each team plays four matches total become sixteen and out of that fourteen are played with common opponents. And out of this one game is held by all the members of a division from the NFC and a division from the AFC.

The games played between the divisions of the NFC and AFC are determined by a rotating cycle, four conference games, three-year one is in while another is out and for next four year the first is out and the other is in. For another intra-conference game that is two in number, and matches are determined by the position of the previous year.

The first place team plays with other first place teams while the last place team plays with other last place teams. The teams and their club are known from the previous session.

The champions are honored with the trophy named Vince Lombardi Trophy.