Before knowing about the computer system requirements, we have to know a little about the SolidWorks to better understand the computer system requirement used in the working.


The SOLIDWORKS is the computer-aided design and computer aided engineering software used for working on the design of a solid object that is later used in the machinery for the production of the goods. The SOLIDWORKS handles the whole process from design to manufacturing of the machinery parts. We can here describe SOLIDWORKS as the solid modeling solution where physical fidelity is given as top priority. So the SOLIDWORKS is used in the process where the outcome is actually that is a physical object.

Since starting phase of the SOLIDWORKS, it is working in the direction to produce the best design and help in manufacturing the best products of mechanical engineering. As the development of SOLIDWORKS goes on the product designed and manufactured with the help of it, advanced in their working ability. The SOLIDWORKS automates many difficult designs and t engineering calculations to allow the user to get the desired product with hundred percent work efficiency. The SOLIDWORKS each time after submission of the design parameter shows the performance of the designed tool, the efficiency is calculated and another parameter of a working model is considered for checking the performance of the finished good. This checking tool included in the SOLIDWORKS also checks other physical parameters like stimulation towards heat and physical stresses. This allows the designer to check the performance before building the physical prototypes of the required tool.



SOLIDWORKS Workstations

Workstations are the backbone of SOLIDWORKS operations as they are based on the CAD and CAE, and the workstations have been since drafting moved from an artistic exercise done by hand to one that’s disappeared into the virtual world. Each time the design is altered slightly the newly formed tool design is tested virtually. So the workstations are the main part of the computer-aided design made with the SOLIDWORKS and to view their quick implementation into the machinery virtually and check their estimated working efficiency through the software.

System requirement for SOLIDWORKS workstation

The SOLIDWORKS as based on the computer system and uses the computer system to design and predict its working efficiency prior to the physical production of the tool. These predictions about the tools require quick and accurate calculations keeping all the parameters together. So the computer workstation needed to run SOLIDWORKS must have something more than the normal computer system.

The SOLIDWORKS workstation requires heavy configuration of a processing unit. The minimum RAM required for the workstation is 8 GB. Even larger RAM is suggested to perform better and to avoid halting or any similar situation. The storage should also be higher than the usual and about 1 TB storage hard drive is needed to work the SOLIDWORKS Workstation with its full efficiency.

The processor of the workstation must be of high speed to ensure that you get 100% accurate and reliable results. The SOLIDWORKS workstation prefers speed over core count, so fast, hyperthreaded-core processors are preferable for the SOLIDWORKS workstation. The graphics card used in the SOLIDWORKS workstation must meet the standard that can bear the 3D image of the designed tool. The quick and sharp changes must reflect quickly to analyze the designed tool thoroughly and make the required changes. The NVIDIA Quadro graphics card is the best suitable for the SOLIDWORKS workstation.

NVIDIA Quadro graphics card

The NVIDIA Quadro graphics card is specially intended for the use in the workstations which are involved in running professional computer-aided design or computer-generated imagery or any other similar applications. The GPU chip used in NVIDIA Quadro graphics card enables it to show the effective picture of the tool under designing and can better represent all the dimensions of the tool for its perfect working.

This professional graphics card enables the designer to use extended functionality and make the designs more clear and accurate. The shape of the object designed are much clearer than the ordinary graphics cards, these professional graphics cards are best used with Windows 10.

AMD Radeon

The AMD Radeon is also a graphical processing unit that can be better used in the workstations to design hi-tech machine designs. The GPU enables the better view of the designed machine part or the whole machine and helps in better understanding the compatibility of the design before manufacturing the physical tool.

Professional Overclocking used to decrease the time elapsed

The Professional Overclocking increase the speed of workstation and make it working at a faster speed than the usual. Overclocking enables the system to decrease the time taken in developing a design of a tool with given parameters. The Professional Overclocking enhances the system performance. But when the Overclocking is done without proper precautions then it might affect the workstation or might crash the system. The working of the semiconductors increase the speed of the system. But it also increase the heat evolved and might dysfunction the system instead of increasing the efficiency. The operator have to take care, before using Overclocking to enhance the performance of the system.

The best computer system suggested for a better SOLIDWORKS Workstations

Titan X151

This computer system with Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia Quadro P2000 or better is best. The system should have at least 16GB Memory DDR4, 256GB+ SSD Primary Drive and 1TB Storage Hard Drive. The system having Windows 10 in it, will be better. The Intel Core i7 processor is faster among the other processors. And hence provide faster access and the Nvidia Quadro P2000 provides better visibility of prepared designs. The larger primary memory provides better functionality with full utilization of the memory. The larger secondary memory of one terabyte make it easy to store larger information. The interface of window 10 provides better navigation and usability of all the best resources mounted in the system.

Titan X4K

This system has the almost same configuration in case of the processor and the memory units. The difference is there in the use of graphics card. The graphics card used in the system is Nvidia GTX 1070 or bette. So the graphics quality is furthermore clear and easy to view.

Titan X299 Vulcan

This system has overclocked Intel Core i7 with Nvidia Quadro P4000 or better graphics processing unit. The primary memory is variable between 16 GB to 32 GB according to your need. Other specifications are same as the above system, excluding the operating system used is either 7 or 8.1. The operating system used to make it easy to use by having the easy interface.