The word orthodontist is made up of two different words, according to etymology. It is made up of ortho which means making straight and the other one is dentist used for dentists. So the dentist who works on making straight your teeth is known as an orthodontist.

The beauty of face fills courage in us and feel as confident. And teeth are the main part of the face. If your teeth are normal and look beautiful half of the beauty is gained. And when the teeth are abnormal, then it is somehow difficult to develop the confidence to face anything. In the case orthodontist is the one who can help us.

An orthodontist is the teeth caretakers who take care of your teeth and make them be in proper shape. The orthodontist is the one who makes your teeth straighten. When you are facing the problem of unusual teeth, then the orthodontist is the professional who can help you. The orthodontist shapes your teeth in the right direction and feels you better.

What actually the Orthodontist does?

The orthodontist arranges our teeth and gives them a normal shape. They assist us to get our face beauty by making our teeth in normal shape. Now the normal shapes of the teeth can be attended by some exercises or by tying our teeth together to get the normal shape.  The orthodontist finds out the problem of alignment of your teeth as well as the jaws. The orthodontist finds out the main problem whether it is under-bite or an overbite and prescribe the changes accordingly.


How does the orthodontist work?

The teeth specialist conducts an overall examination of your jaw and teeth.  He studies the Panoramic x-rays and bites impressions of your teeth and jaws, that will be taken prior to the orthodontist makes treatment recommendations.  The orthodontist will recommend the best treatment plan according to the results driven by the study of the experiment carried out by him earlier, for the particular condition of your jaw and your teeth.The orthodontist ties a wire over the teeth and makes them straight. This wire is regularly adjusted or tighten to get our teeth until they attain their normal shape.

How do they care your teeth?

The equipment needed to make your teeth straight include dental braces, headgear, face mask, and retainers. The dental braces are placed on an individual tooth and are made up of metals or ceramics and sometimes are made up of transparent material. Dental braces are the most important to align each tooth in their proper position and to attain them the desired shape. Headgear and the face mask are used to correct the jaw alignment, these are basically used to correct the problems related to overbite and underbite.

The Headgear and face mask is fitted around the head or the face, which assist the dental braces in making the teeth and the jaw bones to be in proper alignment.  The retainers are used to retain the shape of the teeth or the jaws after setting the alignment with the help of the dental braces or the headgear. It might happen that after shaping the proper alignment, the teeth may move back to their initial position at that time the retainer helps in maintaining the gained shape. They make ensure that the teeth do not move back to their original position.

Things to be remembered while taking the treatment

While having the wire tired around your teeth, it is advised not to have an infection. The infection can be caused by foodstuffs such as sweets etc. As the wires tied stops the toothbrush to clean up your mouth thoroughly. Therefore it is advised to eat more liquid or semi-liquid foodstuffs. Liquid foodstuffs are easy to remove from the mouth and causes less bacterial infection.

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